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About Matoborwa

Like Matoborwa

It’s simple dried sweet potatoes made by Tanzanian farmers.
Tanzania’s agricultural products are processed to deliver nutritious and healthy food.
Like Matoborwa,
It’s simple dried sweet potatoes
made by Tanzanian farmers.
Nutritious and healthy food from Tanzania.

Message from the President

We are a food company in Tanzania, East Africa. We process the agricultural products of the region to deliver nutritious and healthy food products. Matoborwa was established with the generous support of Terunuma Katsuichi Shoten in Ibaraki, Japan.

The company was founded in 2014. We started our business by registering a Japanese sweet potato variety called “Tamayutaka” and producing dried sweet potatoes. As a result of working together with farmers to improve the quality, we are now able to deliver excellent dried sweet potatoes.

Dried sweet potatoes are made by saccharifying the starch of sweet potatoes without adding sugar. Since 2016, we have been using this technology to produce sugar-free dried mangoes and pineapples, which have been well enjoyed by lots of customers.

We have been trying to develop products for the African market since early on. Our first product was Imokempi, deep fried sweet potatoes. The gentle taste of sweet potatoes dipped in molasses is loved by people across borders. Recently, our nut bars have become popular.

While the young population continuing to grow in the continent, there is a strong need for affordable, good quality food. We hope to open up the possibilities of manufacturing in Tanzania in the field of agro-processing.

Matoborwa Co. Ltd.
Tatsuo Hasegawa, CEO

About Us

Company nameMatoborwa Co. Ltd.
Date of establishmentSeptember 8, 2014
Location (Head Office)Dodoma, Tanzania
Capital stock165,000,000Tsh (96,000US$)
CEOTatsuo Hasegawa
Business Description1.    production and sales of dried potatoes and Imokempi
2.    production and sales of dried fruits
3.    production and sales of nut bars