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Mr. Milton, growing Tamayutaka for 4 years

Mr. Milton is in his fourth year of Tamayutaka cultivation, including trials for variety registration. He is also the head of the sweet potato cooperative in this village. He commented on our crowdfunding campaign in support of the project.


(Original text)

Kama wakati huu wa mavuno, badara ya kuuza mahindi ya chakura tunauza viazi vya kampuni. Pesa tunayopata inakuwa kwa matumizi ya familia. Ninasomesha Pesa tunayopata inakuwa kwa matumizi ya matoborwa. Famiria yetu inapoumwa, pesa ya ugonjwa tunayo. Nimeshajua upandaji na muda wa kuvuna. Sasa ninahifadhi Sasa ninahifadhi. mbegu ya tamayutaka ili mwakani nilime vizuri zaidi. Nimependa sana kilimo cha viazi toka katika kampuni ya Matoborwa.

(English translation)

It’s harvest time now, so we don’t have to sell the corn we eat ourselves, we can sell the potatoes we grow under contract. We use the proceeds from the potato sales for our family. I send my two children to school with the proceeds from matobolwa. And if my family gets sick, I have enough money to let them go to the hospital. Now that I know how to grow and when to harvest, I want to increase the number of seedlings and plant more Tamayutaka next year. I think it’s a very good contract, growing potatoes for Matoborwa.


Every December, before we build the nursery, we talk with each farmer about how much to plant this year. They often ask for more acreage, but if we can’t buy them, we lose their trust, so we ask them to plant a little more each year. Mr. Milton’s fields have good moisture conditions and his harvesting work is very careful, so we are planning to increase our plantings next year.

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